Vision & Mission


Mission Statement
Our mission is to be a first-rate faculty that is recognised in Turkey and worldwide for the quality of its teaching and research; that is a leader in actively seeking faculty-community cooperation; that respects global values, and whose administration firmly believes in the benefits of participation and sharing.

The Faculty of Education further aims to be a model for students that is recognised for its progressive educational culture; a faculty in which participation and the active pursuit of knowledge lead to the highest level of academic success and moral values. In conjunction with this, it aims to broaden the individual skills of students and educate them in the use of modern teaching methodology and technology, to transfer the knowledge gained to their personal lives; to train students who think critically, believe in the principle of life-long learning, participate in national and international academic gatherings, think creatively, make a contribution to the improvement of the community, and educate teachers who are true to the principles and reforms of Atatürk.

With these aims in mind, the Faculty of Education seeks to create a supportive educational environment mindful of the responsibilities of lecturers, students, and ancillary staff; to take full advantage of opportunities for cooperation at international level; to put into effect a curriculum bearing the ideals of the democratic and global community, and to utilise the latest educational technologies and systems at every level.

Aims and Objectives

The first and foremost objective of the faculty is to provide a world-class education equal to the best available in the international academic community. In pursuit of this, the Faculty of Education aims:



  • To train successful teachers who possess an intellectual and moral aptitude, who are well-informed and equipped with the appropriate educational skills, and who make a real contribution to the community.
  • To promote the “mobility” of students and lecturers via exchange programmes in cooperation with universities in Turkey and abroad, especially by the development of partnership projects with European Union countries.
  • To encourage lecturers to publish their research by contributing to Turkish and international journals.
  • To develop educational enterprises in cooperation with other faculties of our university and diverse institutions.
  • To contribute to the vision of Çanakkale as a ‘World City' by means of ongoing research and by hosting conferences that invite participation by the international academic community.
  • To organise post-graduate courses aimed at training academic staff for the business world, public institutions, NGO's, and universities; whose graduates are well-informed about science and the arts, able to carry out methodological research, and possessed of a knowledge of human resources and management.
  • To encourage student participation in societies attached to the faculty that allow members to utilise their free time in a positive, active way; while at the same time helping solve institutional problems, adding to their understanding of society, and combining their own learning with that offered by our institution.