Administrative Staff

Our faculty employs one faculty secretary, one departmental manager, two supervisors, three clerical officials, seven computer operators, two technicians, three mechanists and six further employees.

Name and Surname Title
Melda BAYKURT Faculty Secretary
Güner BAŞARAN Student Affairs Office
Dursun ARICAN Accountancy Office
Aslı TOR Department Secretary
Vesile GÜLER Department Secretary
Müslim KAÇMAZ Property, Stores and Purchasing
Murat KAYHAN Students Affairs Office
Alp ARSLAN Editorial Office
Yasemin OKUDUCU Editorial Office
N. Nevin BAŞAR Department Secretary
Fahrettin ÇETİN Document Registration Office
Döne MUTLU Students Affairs Office
Nevil EKİNCİ Editorial Office
Ümit Serap ÖZCAN Editorial Office
Esra KAYA Switchboard
Ramazan AKÇALI Person in Charge of Central Heating
Önder KABUL Repairs and Renewals Office
Rahmi KÖSEOĞLU Document Delivery
İbrahim KURT Department Secretary
İlker KISAOĞLU Department Secretary
Nesrin ÜNSAL Secretary to the Dean
Mehmet ARICAN Printing Office
Ayhan DEMİR Driver
Alemdar ATEŞ Students Affairs Office