About The Faculty

The Faculty of Education is one of the oldest teacher-training institutions in Turkey which was established in 1955 as a school to train primary school teachers and provided three years of teacher-training education.

Basic components of undergraduate programs consist of courses with a practical focus. Graduate programs focus on advanced theoretical knowledge in the field and on specialized applied research; a well-balanced emphasis on theory and application is maintained throughout the programs. Each program has a wide range of elective courses through which students receive a training program compatible with their interests and abilities. These programs, which have been developed to train students as competent teachers, educators and counselors, also cater for students’ physical, sensory and social needs. Therefore, students of the Faculty of Education are provided with the opportunity to attend sports, arts and literary events managed by various student clubs. Encouraging students to attend international exchange programs is also one of the basic principles of the Faculty. Undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Education are among the first choice of university candidates.

The Faculty meets the needs of supplying the country’s demand for teachers via a total of 24 programmes (eighteen of which are daytime programmes and six of which are evening programmes). In addition to their teaching duties, the Faculty’s lecturers are closely involved in making a contibution to academic activities at both the national and international levels. Lecturers are also actively involved in providing various in-service training programmes to serving teachers and educational administrators.

The Faculty participates in national and international student and teaching staff exchange programmes. In this context, the Faculty has seen a steadily increasing number of outgoing and incoming students in respect of both the Erasmus international student exchange programme and in the FARABİ national student exchange programme.

The Faculty carried out its educational activities with 177 full-time academic members consisting of 10 professors, 11 associate professors, 66 assistant professors, 46 instructors, and 44 research assistants; and it also has 4419 undergraduate students in the academic year 2011-2012. Administrative and technical work is carried out by 25 personnel in the Faculty. Education takes place in 27 classrooms. These classrooms are fully equipped with the necessary technological infrastructure. Furthermore, and according to the features of each programme, music rooms, individual music practice rooms, seminar rooms, art and drawing workshops, science and computer laboratories, language laboratories and a library are all available for use by students.